my name is cathy lyn pinch.

i am your photographer, creative director, stylist, baby whisperer and visual storyteller.

I feel as though i should set your expectations for the woman you will meet when you come to my studio. this portrait was taken by my hair stylist (thank you kim nalbandan) after I had my make up done by the talented danielle patch. i recommend that you use these talented women when you have your portrait taken. but, in the real world, you will see me with my hair up and out of the way (with a sprinkle of gray) and no makeup because it just ends up running down my face in my warm studio. i tried to keep a few real life wrinkles and folds and not photoshop away my age. the sparkle in my eyes and the hugs in my arms are real and are always there.

my journey with newborn photography started when i accepted a position as a newborn photographer at a local hospital with a nationally renowned company. it was a great introduction to handling a baby safely, posing with mommy and daddy and their new sisters and brothers, and marketing the photographs. my studio started when my daughter jenna returned from college (Parsons, the new school for design, bfa photography, 2014 ) for her summer break, asking to purchase studio lights and a few backdrops so she could provide high school senior portraits for her friends. sure, why not. well she certainly could not take the studio set up back to her tiny NYC apartment so there it sat, in my dining room, calling to me.

i am self taught. i've taken classes, i've practiced and discovered my strengths and i am always eagerly learning. i've developed my own style and i've put all of my business ducks in a row. it has been a slow meticulous process to get to where i am confident that i can call myself "your photographer".

i hope you love my work as much as i love doing it.


email is a good first contact but a real voice to voice, heart to heart conversation is so much better. let's start here...